Food Scraps & Other Organic Wastes

These can be composted, just not everything can be composted. Stay away from composting meats, dairy, plastic, fats, dirty paper/paper towels, bread, dog/cat wastes, or processed foods.

Electronics (E-Waste)
Examples: Phones, Tablets, Computers, TVs, VCRS

With the ever-growing advancement of technology, e-waste is obviously going in size every year, and yet the disposal of e-waste is commonly misunderstood.
You can drop your e-waste off at a local electronics recycling facility, hire a junk removal company, or drop it off at a hazardous waste recycling event in your area.

Tires are banned from being disposed at a landfill, so where do we dispose of them? Some tires that have tread left, you can give away. Also, companies that work with rubber would be happy to take them off your hands for free.
You could also hire a junk removal company; they haul off tires to a proper location.

Mold, lead-paint & Abestos
Examples: Found on Drywall, Paint, Roofing materilas, and other Building Materials

These are all toxic substances and should not only be removed from your home properly and fleecily, but they should be disposed of properly.

To get rid of them, hire a junk hauler, and tell them that your debris are tainted, and they can haul it off to its proper location.
If you want to do it yourself, most of it can be disposed of any other way C&D debris are disposed of, as long as they levels are low.

Car Fluids & Chemicals
Motor Oil, Antifreeze, Transssion Fluid, cleaners, Brake oil

Most of these cleaners and oils are required to be removed at a licensed HHW company.
You can bring your used motor oil to an auto-parts store for proper recycling.

Never dispose of these fluids in a trashcan or dumpster!

Do remember, the proper handling and dispoing of diffrent wastes is very importatnt and should always be done.

As I stated before, I will now be going into the importance of dumpster rental. It is a necessary, cost effective, and easy way to get rid of bulk waste.