Diffrent Types & Sizes Of Dumpsters

There are a different variety of sizes and types of dumpsters. This section will go over the different types, sizes and cost of each.

  • Tash/Commerical Dumpsters
  • These are your typical dumpsters that are at the back of every restaurant, gas station, apartment complex, and other places of business. They are rented by business holders to be permanent trash containers for their business and picked up on a regular schedule. Here are some characteristics and what they are used for:
    -They are smaller containers that can hold up anywhere from 2 to 8 cubic yards of trash.
    -They are permanent waste containers rented out by business owners, that are picked up regularly, usually by the week or month.
    -They are used by businesses/companies for daily trash removal and are often found at the back of the business.
    -They all have lids that shield the dumpsters from rain and snow. They also help contain odors from lingering out on the street.

  • Construction or Roll-Off Containers/Dumpsters
  • Construction dumpsters are a more common named that was given to Roll-off dumpsters. They are used for more than just construction removal.
    These come in handy for any clean up when you need a temporary dumpster on site.
    Roll-off containers have doors that swing open for easy loading and have feet/rollers on each plank. These containers (Dumpsters) are fairly simple in both design and usage.
    Below is some more information on construction dumpsters:
    -They are larger and have an open top
    -They can typically hold anywhere from 10 to 40 cubic yards of debris.
    -You can use them for debris left over from construction.
    -Great for household junk removal
    -Can be used for demolition debris removal
    -Great option for any roof repair/project debris removal.
    -Good for yard waste removal


    Roll-off dumpsters come in various sizes that are measured in cubic sizes. Below are the sizes of the typical roll-off dumpsters and what is the best use for them:

  • 5-10 Cubic Yards
  • -Small Basement, garage, or attic cleanouts
    -Remodeling a small kitchen or bathroom
    -A deck removal of 250sq ft. or smaller
    -Holds single layer roof shingles up to -1,500 sq ft or smaller.

  • 15-20 Cubic Yards
  • -Cleanups for small to medium basements, attics or garages
    -Holds enough for large flooring or carpeting
    -Deck Removal up to 300-400 sq ft
    -Single layer roof single removal up to 2,500-3,000

  • 30-40 Cubic Yards
  • -Medium to large amounts of demolition debris, trash paper, or cardboard
    -Large home addition
    -Office building cleanouts
    -Whole-home window or siding replacement
    -New home construction
    -Commercial roof tear offs